We Specialize in Home Repairs & Upgrades

Major and Minor Repairs In Your Home

home repairs in collin and dallas County

Quality Repair and Upgrade Services

From interior to exterior services, The Home Repair Group offers a variety of large and small home repair services that our clients repeatedly request from us. Listed below are just some of the services that we have provided.

Exterior Services

Exterior services, repairs, and maintenance for your home. Handyman services for outdoor areas and home exteriors.

Interior Services

Interior maintenance and repairs to keep your home looking fresh and updated. From painting to dry wall to patching, the Home Repair Group has got you covered.

Kitchen, Bath, & Plumbing Services

Your kitchen is the heart of the home and well, your bathrooms, that is another perverbial part of the home's body. Kitchen, bathrooms, and plumbing see a lot of activity each day. Each require upkeep and maintenance. Check out a very small list of services we perform in these two important spaces in the home.

Electrical Services

We know electrical. The last thing you want to do is try and figure out which switch in the electrical box goes to which power outlet or wall switch. That is where we come and get the job done for you. No more worrying about touching two wires together waiting for the shock or wondering which GFCI (ground-fault circuit interrupter) goes with which outlet.

Living Space Services

Did you bring home an item that says "some assembly required" only to find out that it requires total assembly on your part? We can assemble everything from furniture to closet organization.